Thursday, December 23, 2004

Just what is it with today!?!!?

It's the 23rd, the day of supposed excitement and happiness. And yet, everywhere i went, disaster strikes.

I'm not just saying disaster of the holiday kind --- that, after all is no surprise during these times, considering it's a couple of days before Christmas. You have tension on family gatherings (anybody up for some embarassing stories?), hurried last-minute shopping (sheesh, you didn't know her sister's cousin's uncle was going to join you!) and yes, the ever-growing traffic in and out of the malls.

I'm talking about all that physical disaster you'd think would happen sporadically in your life. Today i witnessed two fires, two major car accidents and a boy hit by a cab from the back.

Ok, about the fires: we went for last minute gift shopping in a downtown mall. Goin' to the parking area (which was situated on top of a building across the mall) we saw that the resto downstairs catch fire and the people speculating while firetrucks came in. The air reeked of gas and burned plastic, with dark black smoke billowing from the inside. (I had my lomo with me, so i took this opportunity to take some pics) What a display of firetrucks! I never knew there were that many firetrucks or organizations on fire prevention in our place :-P

The second fire was somewhere near the airport, which was situated next to another major mall area (hence the huge traffic jam it caused). It was a fire which consumed three houses but was quickly stopped (our firemen are pretty quick! Yehey!)

The car accidents: Going home, we passed by the city hall, where there was a slow down of traffic brought about by a motorcycle hit at the back by a car. Apparently the car's brakes were shot, because from the damage, it was a real dizzy ride --- the bike lay in pieces, its rear end almost unrecognizable. Amazingly, the driver only suffered a limp.

We nearly got into one ourselves, because some idiot driver on a bike decided to cut us and head right (he was from FAAAR left) good thing my brother who was driving then, had the presence of mind to stop immediately, otherwise he would have been smashed between our van and a HUGE truck. *sigh* What the hell is the matter with these guys!?

The last two incidents occured tonight, on our way to dinner. We were at an intersection, and saw a cab run into a boy on a bike. Apparently the driver didn't see him (he claimed he was watching out for us, since we were gonna turn into his direction)In his state of shock he was momentarily paralyzed, staying in his cab, not even bothering to check if the kid was ok. My mom and brother, together with the driver, went over to the boy and look for help. Poor kid, and he was only learning how to ride the bike! Luckily (and thanks to my mom's insistence) we were able to get the driver to bring the kid to the hospital nearby.

After our dinner together with family, we went home, only to come across this truck surrounded by firetrucks and yes, an almost accordion-like car in front. Rear collisions are rampant tonight! From the scene, it had been a while since the incident happened, and the injured parties have been sent to the hospital.

Geez. All those accidents and only a few hours till christmas! :-S What is it with today!!?!

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